Search Engine Optimization

We combine data-driven insights and creativity to deliver unparalleled SEO results. To see real success in today's competitive search landscape, everything on your website needs to line up perfectly and work together seamlessly. Like a key fitting into the barrel of a lock, every aspect of your site needed for perfecting - from SEO strategy down to web development or graphic design choices - need be top quality at all times if you want any chance out there competing with other brands vying for attention online.

Search Engine Optimisation


You need to have your website work flawlessly through a cohesive strategy that provides the best results. We're here for you, so we can ensure every aspect of your site is performing at its peak potential! That's why our diverse team consists of experts in web development, SEO, and graphic design-we can give all parts their due attention without sacrificing quality.

The modern world is an ever-changing and chaotic place where it's nearly impossible to keep up. We've found that perfecting everything on your website will be the key to success in today's competitive landscape, so we offer data-driven insights combined with creativity for unmatched results. Our diverse team has experts across all of digital marketing from SEO and content creation to web development and graphic design - making us uniquely qualified when you need someone who can do it all!

Technical SEO Audits


Technical SEO is something that we excel at. Our data-driven experiments and widely shared industry SEO audits are a testament to that.

Not only does technical SEO form the foundation of any good SEO strategy, but without it, Google won’t even be able to find your website to begin with.

Content Marketing


We create content that ranks, earns links and offers value to users. Combining keyword research with high quality content can position you as an authority in your niche and is an excellent way to connect new customers to your brand.

Our content writing services are designed to deliver high quality blog posts for your business. Adding monthly blog posts to you site sends signals to Google that your site is fresh and always updated - an important factor in search rankings!

Website Page Speed Pptimisation


Fast loading pages give your users a better experience on your website and can increase engagement and reduce your bounce rate . Not only that, in 2018 Google Search announced that page speed is a ranking factor meaning faster loading pages get a significant boost in Google search engine results. With these factors in mind it become obvious that page loading times are something you should be actively trying to drive down.

Our page speed optimisation service can bring more customers to your site and keep them there for longer.

Biling better backlinks


'Link Juice' is the life-line of many websites and a surefire way to guarantee that Google sits up and notices your site. The more inbound links you have to your site the better and it's worthwhile making sure those links bring in the juciest of juices. Our advanced Citation Services can connect your site to hundreds of the top named and trusted (by Google) websites, ensuring you own site receives its own significant boost.


At Boost My Business, our SEO services are designed around the needs of each individual business.

There is no one size fits all solution to search engine optimization, so contact us today and we can begin the process of finding out what SEO services are best suited to YOUR business in order to grow.


At Boost My Business, our SEO services are designed around the needs of each individual business.

There is no one size fits all solution to search engine optimization, so contact us today and we can begin the process of finding out what SEO services are best suited to YOUR business in order to grow.

Local SEO Services


Dominating your local area in the search results is a guaranteed way to grow your business and, with all the other businesses in your location competing for page views, the ongoing battle to claim those top spots can be tough.

Optimizing your local map pack listing can give you a significant boost in terms of SEO, allowing more local clients to find and interact with your business. A recent report by Bright Local found that the local pack section displayed in Google search accounts for almost 30% of all clicks! Knowing how to correctly setup and use your GMB listing is a vital part of any local SEO tactics.

SEO for ecommerce websites


SEO is a vital component of the success for any ecommerce website. The technical aspects that are often overlooked may be holding your site back from its full potential and lower rankings on search results pages. Let our experts help you with SEO to ensure an optimal user experience without worrying about all those little details!

SEO is a tricky business! Our ecommerce SEO services help online shops eliminate technical issues that are holding their performance back and killing rankings. Thin or duplicate content, broken meta tags, inconsistent canonicalisation - these all happen to the best of us. So if you've been seeing your traffic dwindle and ranking plummet lately it may be time for an audit from our expert team!

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"We've used Boost My Business for web design, SEO and PPC services over the last few years and they've been excellent. We've seen great results and they always go the extra mile."

Dale Chapman


"Tim has done a fantastic job of increasing my visibility on Google, as well as helping me with various website issues and improvements. My business went from being invisible to number 1 in multiple categories on Google in a very short period of time. Highly recommend!"

Jeffrey Mitchell

Billings Chiropratic Injury Clinic

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