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Online reviews tell consumers and Google that your business is worth their time. Proving that your business is popular and successful helps potential new customers to make their buying decision. When 93% of consumers read online reviews before choosing a local business it's vital your online reputation speaks volumes about your services and your customer's experiences. That's where reputation management can help your business to grow!


Online reputation management (sometimes referred to as rep management or ORM) is the process of actively gathering positive reviews for your business. In order to trust your business, people need to see recent reviews, and lots of them too.

While it's true that great reviews can increase your revenue and customer base, bad reviews can have a negative and damaging impact. Ensuring that as many good reviews as possible are associated with your business will drown out negative reviews.

Maintaining a proactive review request system can protect your company from the worst the internet has to offer.

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Reptuation Management Services


Reputation Management develops trust & credibility.


of consumers

Find local businesses on the web.


of consumers

Make decisions based on what online reviews say.

Would you purchase from a business with multiple negative reviews or even no reviews at all?

Why are reviews important for my business?

To Better Understand your Customers & Improve Customer Service

As you get more reviews you can begin to build a better picture of your customers and can understand what the truly want. By analyzing their insights you'll be able to improve your customer service, eliminate any problems your customers may be facing with your business, and create a more positive experience for anyone who comes in contact with your business.

To Improve Your Search Rankings

We've mentioned this already but it's so important we're going to mention it again! SEO and reputation mnagement go hand in hand. The more online reviews your business has the better your website will perform in Google. When combined with other local SEO techniques it can make a huge difference.

To Allow Consumers to Have a Voice and Increase Customer Loyalty

Reviews give customers a forum to voice their opinion on your business. Giving feedback allows people to feel they are being listened to and replying to their reviews to either reinforce positive opinion or address customer concerns shows your business has a human-side to it.

To Increase Your Profits

Online reviews play an important role in your customer's decision making. Your reputation can make the difference between making a sale or not! More and more people look to reviews before flexing their buying power, the greater the number of positive reviews you have, the easier the decision becomes as your business becomes trustworthy.

The benefits of review management in numbers...

Online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision.


Online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision.

Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales.


Reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales.

Consumers will take action only after reading a positive review.


Consumers will take action only after reading a positive review.

Consumers are “highly” or “fairly” likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews.


Consumers are “highly” or “fairly” likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews.


At Boost My Business, we can help your business to grow through the power of a personalised SMS & Email review gathering campaign.

To get more reviews, get in touch today...


At Boost My Business, we can help your business to grow through the power of a personalised review gathering campaign.

To get more reviews, get in touch today...



Using our bespoke reputation & review management software, Talky, you can easily request Facebook & Google reviews at the click of a button.

All you need are the emails or mobile phone numbers of happy customers in order to run a reputation management campaign. Using our marketing software, Talky, we can deliver branded review requests by email and/or text message to encourage your customers to leave a glowing review.

Using the custom built dashboard you can monitor review requests to see how many reviews are made. Reviews are displayed inside the dashboard and you can respond directly to the reviews or even dispute them.

We've also included a free CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) tool so you can store all your customer and contact details in one place.

Get Local Business Reviews on Google

More reviews means better search ranking!

It's no secret that Google loves businesses with reviews. So much so, the number of reviews and you overall review rating is factored in to its search engine results, meaning the more reviews you have, the higher you will appear in Google's search engine listings and local map pack.

Harvesting good reviews is a tried and tested way of boosting your online reputation AND your ranking, gaining more customers in the process.

Reputation Management FAQ

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is the process of influencing and controlling the public perception of an individual, company, or organization. It involves managing and shaping how others perceive and evaluate your reputation, particularly in the online world.

Why is reputation management important?

Reputation management is important because in today's digital age, information spreads rapidly and can have a significant impact on your personal or professional reputation. A positive reputation can enhance credibility, trust, and customer perception, while a negative reputation can lead to loss of trust, customers, and opportunities.

Who needs reputation management?

Reputation management is relevant for businesses, professionals, public figures, and anyone who has an online presence. It is particularly important for companies and individuals who rely on their reputation for success, such as celebrities, executives, brands, and online businesses.

What are the key components of reputation management?

Reputation management involves monitoring online mentions, reviews, and discussions, actively responding to feedback, addressing concerns, and engaging with the audience. It also includes creating and promoting positive content, optimizing search engine results, and addressing false or misleading information that may harm your reputation.

How can I monitor my online reputation?

You can monitor your online reputation by using various tools and techniques. Set up Google Alerts to receive notifications whenever your name or brand is mentioned online. Monitor social media platforms, review websites, and forums for discussions about you or your business. Additionally, consider using online reputation management such as our own, or using software to manage your reviews, like our all-in-one marketing platform, Talky.

What should I do if I receive negative feedback or reviews?

It's important to respond promptly and professionally. Address the concerns raised, apologize if necessary, and offer a resolution or explanation. Show that you value feedback and are committed to addressing issues. By handling negative feedback with care, you can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and potentially turn a negative experience into a positive one.

Can reputation management remove negative content entirely?

Reputation management aims to mitigate the impact of negative content and promote positive information, but it may not always be possible to remove negative content entirely. If the negative content violates the terms and conditions of a platform or is defamatory, you can try to report it for removal. However, in many cases, the focus is on managing and responding to negative content rather than removing it completely.

Is reputation management a one-time process?

Your online reputation can change over time, and new information and feedback will emerge. Regularly monitor your online presence, respond to feedback, and actively manage your reputation. Consistently delivering positive experiences and maintaining a good reputation should be an ongoing effort.

Can I handle reputation management on my own, or should I hire professionals?

You can handle basic reputation management tasks on your own, such as monitoring online mentions and engaging with your audience. However, depending on the complexity of your situation and the extent of your online presence, hiring professionals or using reputation management services can provide expertise and resources to effectively manage and enhance your reputation.

At Boost My Business we have a tool for managing your online reviews. Contact us today to find out more.

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How to respond to online reviews


Unlock the secrets to mastering online review responses with our comprehensive and invaluable PDF download. This expertly crafted guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies to skillfully navigate the world of online reviews, turning every feedback opportunity into a chance to enhance your reputation.

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