How to Re-engage With Your Customers

Once you’ve gone through all of the work of successfully acquiring new customers, the last thing you want to do is lose them. That’s why all businesses must re-engage customers to make sure they come back again. An engaged customer is more likely to be a loyal one, and a repeat customer!

Just like our everyday relationships, we need to work on making sure we maintain our customer relationships. This includes re engaging with those contacts who may have fallen off the wagon.

Customer Re-engagement

What is re-engagement?

Re-engagement is a technique used by business owners to reach out to leads who were at some point interested in and engaged with their company, but have now gone cold. The goal of re-engaging leads, quite simply, is to ignite that spark in the relationship once more!

Re-engagement should be a big part of your active strategy. If it isn’t you could be missing out on plenty of opportunity for boosting your revenue. 

Here are a few reasons why your customers become un-engaged with your business.

  • They lost interest in your newsletter, product or service

  • They found an alternative to your solution

  • They didn’t understand all the benefits that your products or services offers

  • They simply forgot about you

The average business loses 20% to 40% of customers every year - that’s a lot of potential conversions lapsing.


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10 Ways to Re-engage Customers

Send a regular email newsletter

Keep the connection alive by sending out email campaigns and newsletters to keep your customers up to date with news, product launches and funny stories.

Create a loyalty scheme

This is a fantastic carrot to lure people back into your fold.  If you’re offering repeat customers an incentive for coming back again and again they'll remain engaged with your business for longer periods.

Ask questions

Customers like to feel that they are important to your business. Involve them by sending out surveys or asking for feedback.

Send targeted email and text campaigns

If you've got data on a customer's interest you can personalise your marketing communication around they customer preferences. It's not much use sending offers on cat food to a person who loves dogs.

Stay engaged on social media

By staying engaged with your customers on social media, proactively addressing issues before they turn sour, and keeping a positive and supportive attitude towards your customers, you'll become a small part of their life and remain front of mind.

Create a community

People like to feel that they are an important part of a larger group. Create a community on social media and invite them to participate.

Run contests and giveaways

Competitions are great ways to infuse a little fun into your brand and build your business. You can run a Facebook giveaway that provides a rewarding experience for your customers, increasing attention, engagement, sales, and ultimately brand loyalty.

Share customer feedback

When your customers give you good feedback, make sure you share it on your website, in your newsletter and on social media This will help to get your business noticed by your customers and encourage them to engage with you.

Perform a database reactivation

If you're keeping your CRM up to date with customer details you should be able to tell who is engaging with your business and who is not. Segment those who look like they're about to drop-off and perform a database reactivation offer to bring them back.

Always say thank you

Take the time to craft a personalised thank you to customers who have purchased your products. This gives your customers the warm-fuzzies and can really secure them as a long-term supporter.

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